Top 3 Benefits of Online Active Shooter Response Training

 Top 3 Benefits of Online Active Shooter Response Training

Active shooter training effectively addresses the threat of an active shooter by providing awareness, preparation, prevention, and education about response methods. Many private and public organizations, including religious, business, and educational organizations, sponsor active shooter training in light of increasing active shooting incidents and related deaths. Active shooter response training teaches better prevention, response, and recovery practices involving active shooter incidents.

Considering the constantly increasing number of active shooter incidents and associated death rates, the government is also encouraging people to go for active shooter training either online or offline. Today’s write-up will enlist some of the benefits of online active shooter response courses.

Saves Time

People in the contemporary world are quite busy. Today everybody has tight schedules and deadlines to meet. Online active shooter response training saves time for people with tight work schedules. Though time management is hard, technology has made the complex task of time management easy and fun. The online active shooter response courses allow you to learn active shooter prevention and response techniques from anywhere. You don’t need to physically visit the training firm, as your instructor or teacher will provide the same training through a virtual medium. In addition, the online active shooter response training facilitates one-on-one interaction with the instructor, which promotes effective learning.

Effective Reflex Action

Active shooter incidents are quick, due to which people don’t get enough time to plan a rescue or fighting strategy. The whole situation of active shooting hardly lasts for 15 minutes, and in the majority of cases, it ends before the arrival of police and other emergency services. However, online active shooter training can teach you the immediate response method. Active shooter response training can help you build a good reflex action and prepare you to tackle such a situation even without a rescue plan and fighting strategy.

Fighter’s Mindset

In 2013 around 66.9% of active shooter incidents in the United States ended before the arrival of police. As mentioned above, active shooter incidents are fast and fierce, due to which many innocent people lose their life. The majority of victims in active shooter incident cases die before the arrival of police, ambulance, and other medical help. Active shooter response training will help you survive such incidents by educating you about the possible threats and response techniques.

Prior knowledge of associated threats and response tricks can help you effectively deal with the whole situation, thus increasing your survival chances. Active shooter training plays a huge role in shifting to a fighter’s mindset. Sometimes mindset is the only boundary between life and death. The training will help you develop a fighter’s mindset and help you survive the crucial minutes till the arrival of police and other medical services.


Hence, considering the above-given advantages, you should also opt for active shooter response training to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Defender School LLC is the trusted training firm for effective active shooter response training.

Benjamin Vaughan