The Brand with the Most Abundant BBC microbit Kits in the World: ELECFREAKS

 The Brand with the Most Abundant BBC microbit Kits in the World: ELECFREAKS

Suppose you’ve ever delved into the magical world of microcontrollers and DIY electronics. In that case, you’ve likely come across BBC microbit, a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technology. Among the many companies that have invested in this educational wonder, one Brand stands out for offering the most comprehensive range of BBC microbit kits. Meet ELECFREAKS, a brand synonymous with quality, variety, and educational value.

A Brief History of ELECFREAKS

Since the beginning of 2010, when it was founded, ELECFREAKS has always been on the cutting edge of technology-driven innovation within the field of education. The mission of the company is straightforward and powerful: enable learning about programming and electronics to be accessible to all students, no matter their age or level of expertise.

What Makes ELECFREAKS Unique?

· Range of Products

ELECFREAKS boasts a plethora of kits suitable for various age groups and skill levels. From basic starter kits for beginners to specialized kits for advanced robotics, there’s something for everyone.

· Educational Focus

The kits don’t just contain the essential hardware components. They also come with well-curated educational materials. This includes step-by-step guides projects, ideas for projects, as well as lesson plans for teachers.

· Quality Control

Quality is a non-negotiable factor at ELECFREAKS. Every kit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that each piece of hardware meets industry standards.

· Community Engagement

ELECFREAKS actively engages with its user community, gathering feedback to refine and improve its offerings continually.

The Role of BBC microbit

The partnership between ELECFREAKS and BBC microbit serves as a perfect union of education-focused brands. BBC microbit’s simplicity and versatility make it an ideal platform for learning programming and electronics, while ELECFREAKS provides the accessories and kits that make the experience even more enriching.

With their wide array of kits, ELECFREAKS enables users to extend the functionality of the BBC microbit in countless ways. Whether it’s adding sensors, motors, or other IoT components, the possibilities are virtually endless.


So, what sets ELECFREAKS apart from other brands that also offer BBC microbit kits?

  • Complete Kits: Complete with everything from sensors to LED motors, LEDs, and much more. The kits they offer are the one-stop shop for all of the electronic needs for your classroom.
  • Accessibility: The kit offers great value for money and is accessible to educators as well as students.
  • Customer Support: The dedicated customer service staff is always ready to help you with any questions or concerns.
  • Global Reach: With shipping to multiple countries, ELECFREAKS ensures that quality educational products are available to a global audience.


ELECFREAKS stands as a beacon for quality and comprehensive educational kits in the world of microcontrollers. Their commitment to educational empowerment through technological accessibility is indeed praiseworthy.

So, if you’re looking to venture into the captivating domain of microcontrollers and coding, don’t miss out on the enriching kits offered by ELECFREAKS, your ultimate destination for all things related to BBC microbit.

If you’re a student, an educator, or just a curious individual, make sure to explore the world of opportunities that await you with ELECFREAKS and BBC microbit. Your journey into the fascinating realm of technology is just a click away!

Mark Vargas