Student Information Systems: Innovation and Disruption

 Student Information Systems: Innovation and Disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled educational institutional closures, which abruptly and comprehensively allow them to adopt online learning platforms and various activities digitally. In this way, colleges and universities are challenged with ensuring the academic and holistic development of the students while smooth functioning of the higher educational institutions with an efficiency of a highly organized and productive environment. This increases the importance for educational organizations to invest in technology like Student Information System that manages the student life cycle processes from admission to graduation and empowers them with technology to provide pedagogical experience to the students. 

The Student Information Systems (SIS) is a platform that consists of the information of all students digitally and on the cloud in one place. From online student enrollment to student attendance to grades and course history, SIS maintains student records in a secure manner rather than keeping manual records. This way it forms an integral part of the functioning of the entire educational organization and is responsible for managing the administrative activities in a more smart and efficient way. 

New Innovations That Are Happening Within the SIS Space

Higher education institutions students and administrators want the services to be fast, agile, interactive and easily accessible. Here are some of the most innovations we are likely to see in the SIS space. 

  • Cloud-Based Platform 

Higher education is slowly but surely adapting to cloud technologies in order to stay afloat in today’s economy – just like all other industries. The benefits of moving away from traditional ways of doing things and transferring to the cloud are becoming more and more apparent as time goes on. One of the main advantages of using a cloud-based SIS is that updates can be delivered less disruptive, which means that as the higher education landscape changes, institutions will be able to change with it without too much difficulty.

  • Interactive Dashboard 

Engagement is key for any student – especially during the high-stakes moments of their academic career such as admission, course registration, and graduation. If a student is struggling, they are more likely to succeed if they are engaged in their learning. Additionally, if a student is taking a difficult course load, the interactive dashboard can help them to complete their courses successfully. Other SIS registrations may have data, but innovative ones can use that data to actually make a difference in students’ lives. It’s not enough to just recruit and admit students anymore. The most important time to engage students is when they’re actively trying to learn, and that’s when alerts, notifications, suggestions, reminders, and touchpoints are most important.

  • Analytics 

Investment in technology allows for real-time insights by supporting both transactions and analytics. Without this technology, data would have to be collected and moved to outside tools or data warehouses for validation, organization, and other time-consuming tasks. Even then, administrators only receive insights about situations that are already over. With modern technologies, analytics are more real-time, helping educational institutions notice if more courses of a particular type need to be added if too many students are failing to meet needed milestones or to alert advisors that interventions may be needed to keep certain students on track. This allows faculties and administrators to quickly adapt and change their methods in order to provide the best possible education for every student.

  • Mobile App Based

Today, mobile solutions are just as simple and easy to use as the Internet is increasingly using them as their primary source of information for students. For example, an innovative Student Information System (SIS) can automatically send students alerts about relevant information, like whether a course is covered by a financial aid package, in an accessible format.

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Clare Louise