Simple ways to incorporate TV watching into your child’s daily routine

 Simple ways to incorporate TV watching into your child’s daily routine

Managing screen time with children isn’t always easy. This is mainly because most children can happily spend their entire day in front of the TV. The problem is that there will likely be other things that they need to do and/or should be doing throughout the day. This begs the question, as parents, what can you do?

A great place to start is to incorporate TV watching into your child’s daily routine. Here are some helpful tips on exactly how to do it.

Pick the right content

Before you go any further, you need to think about the kind of content that your kids are watching. When it comes to kid’s programmes, there are the good, the bad, and those that will leave you questioning your sanity. So, for the sake of your children and your own mental wellbeing, you need to choose the right content. For example, there are some great free cartoons for babies and toddlers that are designed to help them laugh and learn all at the same time.

By choosing this content, you can allow your kids to enjoy some great cartoons without the guilt that you may feel when they watch other, less beneficial, content.

Pick the right time of day

Now that you’ve got the right content, it’s time to choose the right time of day. This will vary depending on how old your kids are. For example, if your kids are in school, then perhaps s a window of cartoons in the morning before school or at home once homework and chores are done is the way to go. If your kids are at home, then you have some more flexibility. We recommend letting them watch free cartoons for kids over lunch. This will keep them still and entertained and allow you a window to get other things done without distraction if needed.

You can be a bit more relaxed on the weekends, but try to be consistent during the week.

Use it as a tool

TV watching doesn’t need to be mindless entertainment. In fact, it can actually be used as an effective education tool and even a distraction. From an educational perspective, programmeslike cartoons teach your children things like important life lessons, language and communication skills, and how to behave in certain situations they may encounter throughout their lives. Furthermore, cartoons are more likely to keep your kids engaged so they take in these important lessons.

As parents, you also need to get things done throughout the day, and TV time can help. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes or so, letting your kids watch TV can give you some much needed time to get a few things done with your kids in earshot.

Have boundaries in place

To help stop TV watching from taking over your home, it’s important to have some boundaries in place. For example, you could have rules like no TV during dinner or until after all homework and chores have been completed. Another example could be time limits, such as only an hour a day.

Cut yourself some slack

Whilst many parents entertain an idealistic life without screens for their kids, the reality is very different. As parents, we use screens throughout almost every aspect of our lives from work to when we unwind at home. To be scrolling on your phone constantly, working at a computer, and watching TV at the end of the day, it can be hard for kids to understand why they can’t do the same. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by letting your kids enjoy some TV time too – so long it isn’t too much.

Final Thoughts

By following this guide, you’ll be able to make TV watching a positive part of your kid’s daily routine.

Giuseppe Stover