Preparing tomorrow’s business leaders at Griffith University


Since 1975, Griffith University has taken great pride in doing things differently. With teaching and research focused on addressing the most pressing social and environmental issues of our times, Griffith University’s mission is more relevant today than ever. Griffith University is a world-class institution and consistently ranks among the top 2% of universities worldwide, with industry-relevant and future-oriented courses.

With this mission in mind, Griffith University’s Bachelor of Business course creates business leaders for the future. It combines new skills, values and opportunities essential in the economic climate and gives business professionals a new global vision.

How is Griffith University different?

Academics: Modern businesses require adaptability, creativity and diversity to be sustainable, and students who choose to study at Griffith University learn these principles. Griffith university is renowned for having some of the most awarded teachers due to their exceptional teaching practices and innovative methods.

Campuses: Students who start with Griffith College get to experience university life from the first day because both the Griffith College Campuses are a part of the larger university campuses. Students can also get a virtual experience of the highlights of the university campuses in a 360-degree interactive video here. Their campuses are based in the extremely popular cities of Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Inclusion: The university boasts a network of 2,00,000 graduates from over 130 nationalities and is currently home to 8500+ international students making it a vibrant environment for students to interact and learn.

Employability: Students get practical industry experience as a part of their future-focused degree at Griffith, which makes them more attractive to potential employers. The university also ensures exceptional student support and provides ample work opportunities and industry placements. Students who choose to study at Griffith University will graduate with skills that prepare them for highly-rewarding careers in the present and the future.

How will this prepare me for leadership?

The Bachelor of Business course at Griffith University combines core business studies with modern, hands-on learning. Some of the reasons that make this course perfect for students looking to take up leadership roles in their careers are:

  1. Founded on core principles: From accounting, employee relations, and financial planning to logistics and supply chain management and marketing, students of the Bachelor of Business at Griffith University will gain exposure to the traditional pillars of business studies to ensure their fundamentals are in place.
  2. Industry Connections: Designed in consultation with industry professionals, this program draws on the latest research to bring students a forward-thinking degree that will power their careers. Students will also develop professional skills through internships, mentoring and workshops with one of Griffith’s 150 industry partners.
  3. Hands-on projects and learning: During the course, students are encouraged to take up internships or projects in the community and can earn credits towards their degree. With this, students can experience a wide range of business types and learn from real-world situations which require creative solutions. This applied approach helps the students develop the skills needed to stand out while seeking employment opportunities.

TheWorldGrad Advantage

For Indian students seeking admission to the Bachelor of Business program at Griffith University, The WorldGrad offers the perfect pathway – the UniSmarter Program, delivered in partnership with Navitas. With the UniSmarter Program, students can start their bachelor’s degree from home and then progress on-campus to Australia, with full recognition of credits earned during term 1. This way, students can save time and reduce overseas education costs while maximising their visa success by demonstrating authenticity and academic commitment.

As part of the program, students get unlimited 1-1 academic support from highly qualified teachers. Students then progress to the overseas campus to complete the remainder of their degree and become eligible for post study work rights for up to 5 years.


As the world economy changes and businesses adapt, a new way of thinking is critical to success. Australia is one of the most preferred destinations worldwide for business studies and produces immensely skilled graduates ready to ace the business world. At Griffith University, students develop the skill sets required to drive businesses into a successful future. With these specially designed programs, graduates are prepared to deliver creative, real-world solutions to problems and create more opportunities for businesses to flourish in a global economy.

For Indian students looking to study overseas at a university in Australia, Griffith University’s Bachelor of Business represents the perfect opportunity to develop on a personal and professional level and live a highly successful life. To know more about the offering and apply for the UniSmarter Program, students can connect with The WorldGrad’s admissions team today.