Navigating the Future: Innovative Teaching at Ekya Schools

 Navigating the Future: Innovative Teaching at Ekya Schools

Education in India gradually changed and has now moved into technology-rich, student-centric, project-based learning. The need for innovation in teaching methods has become more apparent than ever before. Ekya Schools are at the forefront introducing innovative approaches designed to foster creativity and critical thinking in students.

What is Innovative Teaching?

Innovative teaching refers to adopting creative methods of teaching to the foundational learning areas.

This includes:

  • Creating interactive learning spaces
  • Integrating technology to enhance learning
  • Project-based learning for hands-on experience
  • Tailoring lessons to the individual needs of students
  • Equipping students with lasting skills for professional and personal growth

Ekya Schools has designed these approaches to stimulate students’ learning experiences and help them identify and nurture their innate skills.

Technology as a Catalyst

At Ekya, we’ve leveraged technology’s power to enrich and transform the educational experience. Here are a few noteworthy examples of tech-infused learning:

  • Schoology – an app where parents and children find school and classroom updates
  • Deep Dive – offers micro-courses covering a broad spectrum of topics, including Stop-Motion animation.
  • Design & Innovation Program – equip students with a foundation and fundamentals of skills in design.
  • Technology Centric Clubs: These encompass the Robotic Club, Coding Club, and ICT Club, providing students with tech-focused platforms to explore their interests and participate in various activities.

Student-Centric Approaches

Ekya Schools encourages many student-led initiatives to ensure every student feels seen, heard, valued, supported, and encouraged to achieve their full potential and flourish in their student life.

  • School Clubs: empower students to acquire knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience in their areas of interest and passion.
  • Student Council: a democratic process where students are actively engaged, fostering a sense of involvement and participation.
  • School Houses: to nurture a healthy competitive spirit, motivating students to strive for excellence and bring honour to their houses.
  • Student Wellbeing Program: emphasise student wellbeing by addressing their holistic social, emotional, and ethical development.

Preparing for the Future Workforce

At Ekya, we aim not just to provide 21st-century skills but skills that last a lifetime. Our learning philosophy strongly emphasises meaningful learning experiences; hence, we’ve taken innovative initiatives for children from the moment they stepped into our school:

  • Design Thinking – Ekya’s core concept, Design Thinking, encourages empathy and critical thinking. This experimental process fosters problem-solving, idea collaboration, learning from failure, and risk-taking.

●      Marquee Events – Year-round, students engage in diverse experiences like inter-school competitions, Annual Day, sports events, Model United Nations, and unique Marquee events for each campus, promoting global awareness and self-discovery.

  • Love to Read – Our students boost vocabulary and comprehension skills through events like Reading Week, book swaps, digital libraries, and book exhibitions.

Conclusion (  Ekya School’s Approach to Navigating the Future: Innovative Teaching)

Ekya has tirelessly worked towards revolutionising education in India, especially in a city like Bengaluru, where innovation and progress thrive. Our devoted founders, instructional designers, PDI team, and school leaders, including eminent educators, have made learning a meaningful experience for our children.

Ekya Schools’ state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative teaching methods have provided students with hands-on learning experiences, allowing them to explore, experiment, and grow into lifelong learners with the capability to move beyond the boundaries of their classrooms, cities, and even nations, representing themselves on a global level. These approaches have enabled Ekya Schools to become one of the top CBSE, IGCSE & ICSE schools in Bangalore. We are also seen as the top providers of top nursery education in Bangalore.

To learn more about our innovative initiatives, learning methodology, upcoming projects, and locations, email us at or talk to our friendly admissions counsellor at 080 – 46809096.

Clare Louise