How to Get Started as a Sterile Processing Technician

 How to Get Started as a Sterile Processing Technician

Sterile processing technicians (SPT) are vital healthcare team members responsible for sterilizing, decontamination, and packaging surgical instruments. They play a critical role in preventing infection in healthcare facilities. You can learn the skills needed to become a sterile processing technician by taking a certificate program online or at various academic institutions worldwide. 

While a sterile processing technician may not interact directly with patients, this career is still essential to the successful recovery of patients. Most employers require candidates to have crucial life support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. You can also take biology, chemistry, and medicine classes to prepare for this career. 

If you are considering a career in sterile processing, there are many things to consider. First, you should know that the job requires a high level of technical expertise, but it is primarily an independent career. Although you may occasionally be exposed to bodily fluids or blood, you will not have to deal with such situations regularly.

Furthermore, you will be learning how to work with a variety of different types of equipment. Moreover, sterile processing technicians work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, specialty care centers, ambulatory services centers, and dental offices.

Enrolling in an accelerated healthcare program for SPT in physical or online academies can help you get a job as a sterile processing technician. The certification is integral to a sterile processing career and can make your application more competitive. 

The cost of tuition for sterile processing courses varies. Some are free, and others cost a few hundred dollars. To become certified, you need at least one year of experience in a sterile processing department and have completed a minimum of eight hours per week performing various duties. A sterile processing academy will help you earn the certification and an income while training.

A sterile processing academy will teach you how to decontaminate surgical instruments, tools, and devices. While sterile processing is not a very common career path, it can be fulfilling if you have the passion and dedication for it. The coursework covers decontamination, packing, and sterilization of medical devices, as well as anatomy and physiology. You will be prepared for the certification exam (CRCST) upon completion.

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