James Kerr


Surge of Data and Analytics Startups in Delhi: The New

At the core of Delhi, India’s capital, an exciting transformation is emerging within its business fabric. Renowned for its historical richness and cultural tapestry, Delhi is now emerging as a breeding ground for data and analytics startups. This evolution marks a significant stride into a future shaped by technology. We’ll explore this shift, emphasizing the […]Read More


How to Apply to Study at a University in France

The process of applying to a college in France varies depending on whether you’re from Europe or not. For European students, things are usually simpler because of agreements within the European Union. They might have easier admissions and lower tuition fees. However, for non-European students, it’s a bit more complicated. They often have to get a student […]Read More


Achieving Social-Emotional Learning Through Sensory Products 

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a crucial aspect of a child’s development, encompassing skills like self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and effective communication. Sensory products, designed to engage the senses and promote sensory experiences, can play a significant role in achieving SEL goals.  Let us explore how sensory products can be effective tools for fostering social-emotional learning in […]Read More